Hill Top Home of Comfort
A Non-Profit Corporation

A Non-Profit Public Corporation


The symbol of Hill Top Home of Comfort, Inc.  is three separate; but, interconnected crosses found in the entrance of the Home.  These three distinctly individual, but yet unified crosses embody the philosophy of the Home:


First:  Our No Discrimination Policy in regards to religion, race, color or national origin;


Second: Our belief in the uniqueness of the individual that he/she is not just one of many, but an integral part of a whole community of persons and;


Third:  Our dedication to the preservation of that same community spirit.


These three ideals are bound together, as is noted in the over-lapping of the crosses, by the love and concern we feel for each other, be it resident or staff member.


In addition, our caring for the individual, recognizing that to age is a natural part of the life process, we have set up continuing goals as follows:


  1. To provide care that extends and enhances the quality of life for our residents;
  2. To contribute in every way we can to the fullest possible development of his/her potential by preventative, corrective or supportive care and;
  3. Above all, to respect the dignity of the individual.


These positive goals represent our loving commitment to the care of each individual, regardless of color, creed or status.  This same concern applies not only to our residents, but also to the persons who care for them.


As our symbol of the three individual; but, unified crosses signifies, all of us here at Hill Top Home are community of fellow human beings tied together by the love, care and concern we have for each other.


Hill Top Home of Comfort, Inc.  is a non-profit public organization.  This facility is licensed in accordance with current state and federal laws.  A copy of the facility license is posted in the front lobby entrance area.