Hill Top Home of Comfort
A Non-Profit Corporation



Resident Trust Fund:


Hill Top Home of Comfort offers each resident an opportunity to have a resident trust account. Funds deposited in this account are secured by a separate surety bond. This interest bearing account acts just like a bank account and residents can make deposits to and withdrawals from their account as needed. This trust account can also be used to pay any regular bills that the resident may incur. Some examples would be cable TV, telephone, or insurance.

Resident Billing:


Our office staff are available to assist residents and their families regarding the resident's billing for the nursing services provided. They will answer questions regarding charges incurred, payments made, and amounts due. They will also provide information on how Medicare and Medicaid benefits apply during the resident's stay as well as filing of Medicare supplemental and long-term care insurance claims on behalf of the resident.


Office Hours:

Monday - Friday

8:00am - 4:30pm



Additional Services:

Notary Public (no charge for residents)

Postal Services

Kylene Willis                                                      

Business/Office Manager 



Billie-Jo Stahl

Accounts Recievable/Resident Billing


Gerry Leadbetter